Petrotec Retail P1000R

  • Simple fuel dispensers;
  •  EMC calculator
  • 1 hose / 1 product
  • Meteorological and safety certificates.

With the smallest footprint of the family, the P1000R is the entry level model of the Progress range. With one fuel grid, one or two hoses and a dispensing capacity of up to 130 L/min, it uses the same core technologies as the premium retail dispenser range. It is the right choice for those who are looking for basic features with a great performance.


Petrotec Retail P2000

  • Double fuel dispensers;
  • EMCcalculator;
  • Up to 2 products and 2 hoses;
  • Flow rates: 10 to 200 l/min.

The P2000 is a very flexible dispenser. With a small footprint, up to two fuel grids, one or two hoses and a dispensing capacity of up to 200 L/min, it uses the same core technologies as the premium retail dispenser range.

The P2000 is the right choice for those who are looking for an enhanced dispenser that offers higher flow rate options, while ensuring a small footprint.


Petrotec Retail P3000

  • FLOW RATES: 10 TO 130 L/MIN.

The P3000 has the same main features, footprint and form factor as the P2000, with one or two fuel grids, up to four hose options, lane-oriented hoses/nozzles and able to achieve a flow rate of up to 130 L/min. The P3000 is the right choice for those who have limited space in their forecourt and need an enhanced, flexible and compact dispenser.


Petrotec Retail P4000C

  • MPD fuel dispenser;
  • EMC2 calculator;
  • Up to 4 products and 8 hoses;
  • Flow rates: 40 to 130 l/min.

This is the H-style multi-product model from the Progress family, with two hose options (hanging hose and hose retraction), up to four fuel grids and eight hoses, and a dispensing capacity of up to 130L/min. This model also allows the integration of multimedia and payment systems. This is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a more compact multi-product dispenser with a great performance, easy to fit any forecourt.


Petrotec Retail P5000 HH

  • MPD fuel dispensers
  • EMC2 calculator
  • Up to 4 products and 8 hoses
  • Flow rates: 10 a 130 l/min.

The hanging-hose model from the Progress Retail Line offers the best ratio between maintenance cost per hose, protection and uncluttered access to the dispenser, ensuring a smooth user experience. It can have up to four fuel grids, eight hoses and a maximum flow rate of 130L/min. Multimedia and payment systems are also available. A great choice for those who privilege a great design, reliability, performance and low maintenance cost.


Petrotec Retail P5000 LH

  • MPD fuel dispensers
  • EMC2 calculator
  • Up to 5 products and 10 hoses
  • Flow rates: 10 to 130 l/min.

This is the most customizable dispenser in the Progress range. It can have up to five fuel grids and ten hoses, combined with alternative products, like LPG and AdBlue (with heating). It can provide flow rates of up to 130L/min. The elastic hose retraction system allows an easy handling and ensures the best possible user experience. All media/ payment system options are available. It represents the perfect choice for those who are looking for an adaptable dispenser that can keep up with the challenges of their business.


Petrotec Retail P5000 ADBLUE

  • AdBlue Dispenser
  • EMC2 calculator
  • Available in the Combo version integrating up to 4 fuels
  • Flow rates: 40 to 130 l/min.

Top-of-the-line dispenser from the AdBlue range with heated cabinet hose and prepared to operate in low ambient temperatures. The P5000 AdBlue offers more possibilities for usability, allowing an easier adjustment to each specific forecourt. It allows supplying of the AUS32 on both sides at the same time, either to Light Vehicles (10L/min) or to Heavy Vehicles (40L/min). Great solution for a more flexible forecourt.


Pumptronics Retail C-Series

  • Fuel configurations include, but are not limited to: diesel/petrol, petrol/petrol, diesel/diesel, diesel/AdBlue®
  • Retail display available with sterling (£) or euro (€) facia
  • Certified to MID and OIML standards and is suitable for retailing fuel
  • 2x belt driven geared pump
  • 2x 4 piston meter with +/-0.25% accuracy
  • Communication with FMS via serial protocol
  • Pumps can be verified in-house to MID module D avoiding the requirements for on-site calibration
  • Stainless steel cabinet with a lockable access panel
  • Under pump check valve and solenoid valve as standard
  • Self-contained GRP head for electronics and backlit LCD screen

Its unique design enables the twin version to be configured to pump any combination of fuel while still conforming to the highest safety standards. The C-Series Twin is a versatile pump that improves operational efficiency without compromising on performance. With a host of features to make selling fuel easy for both customers and retailers

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