Petrotec Commercial P1000

  • Simple fuel dispensers
  • Electronic Counter
  • 1 product / 2 hoses
  • Flow rates: 10 to 130 l/min. 

With the smallest footprint of the family, the P1000 is the entry-level model of the Progress range.

With one fuel grid, one or two hoses and a dispensing capacity of up to 130 L/min, it uses the same core technologies as the premium dispenser range. It is the perfect choice for customers who are looking for basic features with a superior performance, robustness and reliability.


Petrotec Commercial P1500

  • Double fuel dispensers
  • Electronic Counter
  • Up to 2 products / 2 hoses
  • Flow rates: 10 to 200 l/min

The P1500 is a very flexible dispenser which can be tailored to your business.

With a small footprint, can have up to two fuel grids, one or two hoses and a dispensing capacity of up to 200 L/min, it uses the same core technologies as the premium dispenser range. It is an enhanced dispenser that offers higher flow rate options, while ensuring a small footprint and a superior performance, robustness and reliability.


Petrotec Commercial P5000 ADBLUE

  • AdBlue Dispenser;
  • eMC2 calculator;
  • Available in the Combo version integrating up to 4 fuels;
  • Flow rates: 40 to 130 l/min.

Top-of-the-line dispenser from the AdBlue range with heated cabinet hose and prepared to operate in low ambient temperatures. The P5000 AdBlue offers more possibilities for usability, allowing an easier adjustment to each specific forecourt. It allows supplying of the AUS32 on both sides at the same time, either to Light Vehicles (10L/min) or to Heavy Vehicles (40L/min). Great solution for a more flexible forecourt.


Pumptronic Commercial C-SERIES ALPHA

  • 4 piston, +/- 0.25%
  • ATEX approved to dispense diesel
  • Belt driven pumping unit with air separator and integral filter
  • Stainless steel cabinet with lockable front door and removable back panel
  • Suitable for above or below ground pipework
  • External base mounting holes
  • LCD display with backligh

Better than your standard refueller, the ALPHA is a commercial diesel pump that provides quality year after year.Its unique design offers flexibility and durability for any commercial application. The stainless steel cabinet can accommodate three different pumping speeds, making it ideal for filling everything from cars to heavy plant machinery.

Pumptronic Commercial C-SERIES ADBLUE

  • Available in resale by volume and currency
  • ATEX approved
  • Suitable to locate within petroleum hazardous areas
  • Resale version is certified to MID and OIML standards
  • Dispensers can be verified in-house to MID module D avoiding the requirements for on-site calibration
  • Communication with FMS via serial protocols
  • 4-piston meter with +/-0.25% accuracy
  • Stainless steel cabinet with a lockable access panel

The commercial AdBlue® dispenser version is suitable for filling a range of vehicles, from cars to large commercial vehicles. The C-Series range is engineered to the highest standard, all with ATEX approval. This allows the C-Series AdBlue® dispenser to be located within hazardous areas, making it an ideal pump for multi-fuel dispensing sites.


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