Oil Depot Gantry Systems

  • Easy to Use Touch Screen User Interface
  • Back Office Software, Detailed Reporting
  • Detailed Vehicle & Driver Consumption Reports
  • Wet Stock & Tank Management Control
  • Reliability & Security
  • Local Customer Accounts Package
  • Connects to All Makes of Exiting Pumps & Meters
  • Remote Report Viewing via Broadband
  • Unlimited Number of Vehicles & Drivers

Fuel Master Gantry Manager , is designed to help you control and manage your Oil Depot Fuel Usage , to deliver ultimate performance and efficiency, Secure 24/7 365 days a year monitored operation. It is extremely user friendly, Monitor your site remotely from any web browser, Interfaces with all makes of existing Fuel Pumps & Meters


  • 10.4” All In One Touch Screen Terminal
  • Secure RFID Fuel Fob Reader
  • Fuel Pump Coms Board
  • Leg Mounted or Wall Mounted Bracket


  • Mag Stripe Fuel Card Reader
  • Terminal Printer
  • Tank Gauge integration
  • Veeder-Root EMR3 integration
  • Main Gate access fobs
  • Central server for multiple sites

Oil Depot Gantry Systems

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